More PBs

50 burpees for time (A: 2:31, S: 3:47)

5×5 Front Squat (A:50kgs, S:kgs)
Find 1RM Power Snatch (A:50kgs; S:30kgs)

3 rounds
3 minute AMRAP
7 DB thrusters (A:15kgs; S:10kgs)
7 Ring Push ups
1 minute rest

What a way to start the class! Our goal was to do 50 burpees in 2:30 and I missed out by 1 second. I had a second or two finding a place to do the burpees and I wasn’t particularly efficient in the transitions so I reckon I could have managed doing it within the 2:30 target. Socs managed pretty well despite having a bit of the sniffles.

So well in fact that she still managed to get a PB on the power snatch. So did, I by the way. Both of us felt that the weight was relatively easy as I think everything just clicked, our goal now is able to be able to snatch the weight on the second step of the Crossfit Games 2012 Open snatch ladder workout (60kgs for men, 35kgs for women).

We managed decent scores on the WOD which was nice because you had a set amount of work and rest in between which means you have to continuously work in order to get a good score. It also taught me that putting the weight down and having good rest intervals will actually help you get a better score. I managed 6 rounds + 5 push ups, could have completed the 7 rounds I rested a bit on the thruster instead of getting a no rep which costs both time and energy. Socs did 6 rounds and 4 thrusters.


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