Of Bells and PBs

15mins to find 1RM Squat Clean (A:81kgs PB, S:45kgs)
8×5 Deadlift @ 65% 1RM (A:around 70kgs, S:40kgs)

10 minute AMRAP
5, 10, 15, 20….
Front Squat (A:50kgs, S:30kgs)
Slam Ball (A:15kgs, S:5kgs)

It has been another busy week and it took me another week before I stepped back in the box. I think I did a bit better this time around though. New 1RM squat clean and was able to lift 81kgs, finally was able to ring the PB bell in the process. It was a bit cheeky as I managed to find two 0.5kg plates to put myself 1kg above my previous PB. Socs did pretty well too and had great technique.

Then the WOD, we knew it was going to be difficult but we managed decent numbers. I managed to complete the 15 reps plus 2 slam balls, Socs completed 20 reps plus 2 front squats.

Bells and PBs do not just involve CrossFit though. I just got my Lion Bellworks classic bell and it looks and sounds great, looking forward to my next ride around the area. Also Socs and I have both improved on our climbing with Socs sending a high wall route and a grade 5 route and me doing a 6a at the end of our session.


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