If you ain’t first, you’re last

It’s been quite on this side of the blog-osphere and I apologise for that. Haven’t been in the mood lately. Despite the lack of blog posts, I have been to the gym quite consistently (at least twice a week) but the results are a bit of a disappointment. While the strength sessions are ok, I am lagging on the metcon side of things really bad. I am either the last to finish or have the lowest score. And not just of the class, probably of the entire day as well… for nearly every single session I’ve been in.

I would normally put that to a side similar to when we started or after coming back from a long break. But I feel like I just don’t want to go to that ‘uncomfortable’ place we all love in doing CrossFit. That’s why we always come back and try to push ourselves. One of the best motivational words I’ve encountered is saying to myself ‘You wanted this. Now make your bed and lie in it’, but that’s just it. I didn’t want it the past few days, or not the way I used to want it. The hunger is waning, but hopefully it’s coming back. The last couple of classes provided me with that drive with folks cheering me on as I suffer ‘alone’. Thanks guys! Might need a bit more prodding on the next few weeks 🙂

On the indoor climbing bit, Socs and I have incorporated some skills training in our weekly climbing sessions. She has made significant progress and was able to send multiple 4+ routes last time around. I am concentrating on being consistent on doing 5+ routes and maybe do some endurance training as well. We’ll probably include a few more climbing exercises in the next couple of weeks to help us improve a bit more. Hopefully I am able to squeeze in some exercises at home that can translate to improved climbing.


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