In memory of…

Warm up
Star run

Snatch 6×4 (65% 1RM) 40kgs
Front Squat AMAP 85% 1RM (70kgs)

Cpl David O’Connor
12 Rounds
10 Deadlifts (60 kgs)
2-24 Ring dips (starting at 2 ring dips, add 2 reps on each round)

It was time for snatches yet again, but this time it was for volume so I decided to see what the heaviest I could do without sacrificing form. It looked like I could start doing 40kgs for such efforts and probably increase it a bit more as I’m getting the hang of it. I was mostly power snatching closte to 40kgs instead a full squat snatch so I reckon I could do 60kgs on a full squat snatch. That means I could theoretically now do the 2nd part of the Crossfit Games Open Snatch Ladder WOD! Well one rep, but I’ll take it! Looking forward to giving it a go.

Next up on strength was front squats and based on the math, I am now up to a new 1RM of 85kgs based on last night’s effort. That’s 5 kgs up my current PB. Hopefully this can translate to thrusters and cleans.

The WOD was a tribute to someone Tom knew while he was with the Royal Marines Commandos. I decided to keep the weight down to 60kgs instead of 80kgs Rx, which might have been a bad decision as I’ve always wanted to improve my deadlift. But 12 rounds was a lot so I kept the intensity up and pushed to do all 10 deadlifts in one go. I only managed to drop it once or twice, with the others all out or resting at the top. I managed to do 4 ring dips on round 8 I think.


Warm up
50 burpees in 2:30 challenge

Press 5×3 (42.5kgs)
Power Snatch 5×3 (35kgs)

15 minute AMRAP
15 KB Thrusters (2x 16kgs)
20 KB Lunges

Despite having already done and posted the results for the burpee challenge, I was encouraged to do it again. I had no particular reason to not do it so I decided just to have a go at it, and thankfully I managed to do 2:17 (although I could always argue that it took me at least a couple of seconds to recover and look at the clock). Quite a huge jump from the previous 2:31. It had an adverse effect on the rest of the session though.

I only managed to do 2 reps on the press, due to the burpees and my shoulders getting fried as well from last Tuesday’s thrusters. Snatches was a bit better this time around and I could have probably even gone up to 37.5kgs. But I was still recovering from the burpees.

Then we went on to 15 minute AMRAP for the WOD, where the other classes only had 12 minutes. That’s because the 7:30pm class is special and that we get a chance to finish what we started. Not that anybody finished in our class. I only managed to do 2 rounds and 7 thrusters, but I stuck with the heavy weight and was relatively happy with what I got out of the session.

Getting comfortable being uncomfortable

Warm up
Star run
Walking OH lunges (forward and back)

Push Jerk 5×3 (50kgs)
Power Snatch 5×5 (40kgs)

Thrusters (40kgs)
Pull ups

Right, Fran… but before that we had some push jerks and snatches to go through. 50kgs on the jerk felt surprisingly easy, which was the recommended weight. I could have probably gone a bit higher but figured 50kgs was a good number to start off with. The snatches were a bit different though as I couldn’t dial in the technique this time around, did ok but not spectacular.

Then we had a few minutes fluffing about before Fran. The infamous Fran. It’s been a while since I did it and I think I sucked. This time I think I did a better job. I believe I managed to do it in around 10-11minutes, I was in pain for a minute after finishing it so couldn’t really look at the clock. I think I might be able to do it Rx next time around and looking forward to it. Huge thanks to Tom and the rest of the gang for cheering me on to get on the bar. It was uncomfortable but I’m starting to see again where I can push and where I’m just being a wuss.

More PBs

50 burpees for time (A: 2:31, S: 3:47)

5×5 Front Squat (A:50kgs, S:kgs)
Find 1RM Power Snatch (A:50kgs; S:30kgs)

3 rounds
3 minute AMRAP
7 DB thrusters (A:15kgs; S:10kgs)
7 Ring Push ups
1 minute rest

What a way to start the class! Our goal was to do 50 burpees in 2:30 and I missed out by 1 second. I had a second or two finding a place to do the burpees and I wasn’t particularly efficient in the transitions so I reckon I could have managed doing it within the 2:30 target. Socs managed pretty well despite having a bit of the sniffles.

So well in fact that she still managed to get a PB on the power snatch. So did, I by the way. Both of us felt that the weight was relatively easy as I think everything just clicked, our goal now is able to be able to snatch the weight on the second step of the Crossfit Games 2012 Open snatch ladder workout (60kgs for men, 35kgs for women).

We managed decent scores on the WOD which was nice because you had a set amount of work and rest in between which means you have to continuously work in order to get a good score. It also taught me that putting the weight down and having good rest intervals will actually help you get a better score. I managed 6 rounds + 5 push ups, could have completed the 7 rounds I rested a bit on the thruster instead of getting a no rep which costs both time and energy. Socs did 6 rounds and 4 thrusters.

Silent All These Weeks

I don’t think I’ve posted anything on the blog since I moved to London two and a half months ago, other than the random photo from Instagram.  Allan has been posting as often as he could though, so kudos to him.

So what have I been up to lately?  Well, I had a stint at a project south of London which meant I was away from London 4 nights a week.  That also messed up my workout schedule and the fact that I was staying at a hotel and eating out most of the week meant my food choices were not the best ones.  As a result, I’ve put on weight, quite a bit of weight surprisingly, considering it’s only been 2.5 months.  Oh well, sometimes I envy Allan’s metabolism.  No, correct that.  I always envy his metabolism.

On a happier note, whatever weekend time I had in London was spent quite productively (aka quite busy) — chores, quality time with the husband, the occasional workout and the almost weekly indoor climbing.  Yup.  I’ve been climbing walls on my spare time.  I haven’t been to Westminster and St. Paul’s (inside them I mean) but I’ve been climbing some of the walls at Castle Climbing Centre — I guess that’s what “turning local” is about…?

I am still plagued by fear of heights and fear of, well, falling but I think I am making progress.  I’ve moved from “rainbow” climbing (using any color hold with the goal of just reaching the top) to almost grade 5 routes!  No point explaining that here in the blog….it will just sound easier than it really is.  Or maybe I’ll make it sound harder than it really is.

So how do I end my first post after not posting for a while?  With a lurvly photo of me just as I was about to go up a ‘5’ wall.  Please excuse the extra weight.  I’m working on losing most of it 🙂