Just glad to be back

Warm up
Star run (400m)

EMOM 6 mins – 4 Clean and Jerk (40kgs)
Max Deadlift 90% 1 rep working max (90kgs)

10 rounds
10 sit-ups
10 walking lunges (with 20kg plate overhead)
plus 1 mile cash out

It has been a while since I was back in the box. I had a bit of an ankle injury and decided to give it a rest for a while. I have been riding my bike around the area but nothing huge (dropping off old clothes for recycling and going to the shops). And Socs and I have been in the climbing gym on the weekends.

Needless to say I took it relatively easy on the session. In retrospect I could have probably done 50kgs on the clean and jerk but 40kgs was heavy enough to get me breathing harder yet focus on the technique. I was quite happy with the deadlifts, did 8 and failed on 9 mainly due to grip.

Hated the run part of the workout, I was keeping an eye out for my ankle and had a bit of cramping at the beginning. Finished with the slowest time of the DAY! But all is good, ankle doesn’t feel worse for wear and at least I can go back to training now.


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