I love to clean

Establish 2RM Squat Clean (failed at 2nd rep 75kgs)

5×3 Squat Clean at 80% 2RM (60kgs using 75kgs 2RM) rest 90secs after each set

12 minute AMRAP
30 double unders
Max strict pullups
3 Deadlifts at 80% 1RM (used 90kgs for 1RM between 110kgs and 115kgs)

Whenever there are cleans involved in the strength or WOD session I am a happy man. I just managed to clean 75kgs, but failed on the 2nd rep. Not sure what happened but just didn’t have a decent landing to stand up from the bottom. I still used the weight as a reference for the main strength session and felt a bit on the light side. It wasn’t heavy but it did highlight some technique points I have to remember.

It was on to the WOD and I wasn’t really concerned about the deadlifts, even though they were quite heavy. I was worried about the double unders as my left ankle isn’t really up for a beating recently. Still I managed to string around 10 reps on a few occasions, but had to relegate to singles on my 3rd (?) round as I just couldn’t jump high enough to clear the double unders. I did manage to get it back in control (somewhat) on the 4th round.

I think the weight on the deadlift was just right as I failed to do the 3rd rep on the last round, I think neurologically I was fried. I managed to do 3 deadlifts shy of 5 rounds with 19 pullups.


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