Loads of lifting

4×5 Deadlift 80kgs
6×3 Split Jerk 40kgs (Emphasize speed getting under the bar)

1 round dumbbell complex:
Push up
Squat Clean
Push Press
Split Jerk

12 Minute AMRAP
1 round DB complex + 200m run
2 rounds DB complex + 200m run
3 rounds DB complex + 200m run

I have been inconsistent in going to the gym recently, a combination of work getting in the way and classes getting fully booked fast, so I was a bit apprehensive when I got there and loads of weight was being moved around. Fortunately I was able to get by without much of a fuss and was glad that deadlifts where on the plate. I desperately want to get my numbers up on that lift!

The split jerk session was excellent as well and provided me with some great technique work.

The WOD did look like it was going to hurt, but despite that I loaded up with 15kg dumbbells. The first round was easy but things started to add up a few rounds later. I just kept my head screwed on properly and went through the movements deliberately. Glad to have finished 5 rounds even. Not sure if I could have gone to 20kgs but I think that would just have smashed me up bad without the metcon gains.


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