Strength 1
7 rounds
1 min HSPU (for quality)
1 min Pull ups (for reps)

Strength 2
5×1 Heavy Snatch 45kgs

10 minutes
7 Push Jerk 40kgs
7 Box jumps

I came in early and I saw loads of work being done. I was scared, but I was able to formulate some sort of game plan for the hour to come. First strength session was just to get used to pushing and pulling my own body weight. Pleasantly surprised to bang out 5/6 hand stand push ups (with 2 abmats on the first round) but tapered off to 2/3 for the rest (even with Nick nicking one of my abmats on the later rounds…. see what I did there?). And pull up work was just that, get some volume training in.

I was looking forward to the snatch session and as I’ve never had the chance to work on heavy snatches I decided to incrementally increase the weight and ended up doing 45kgs. New PB! I think i could have gone a bit heavier and maybe pulled a 50kgs, but I’ll take 45!

I decided to go with Phil’s recommendation of 10kgs off my 1RM strict press. If it got heavy, I would just reset and chip away at the reps. It was only 10 minutes and 7 reps per round anyway. The weight was just about perfect, any heavier and shit would just hit the fan in terms of form and performance. I am still contemplating if I pushed as much as I could as I didn’t feel like dying (or crying) at any point and I was able to do dynamic box jumps to cycle the rounds quicker. I ended up with 7 full rounds with 7 push jerks.


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