PB or no PB

Warm up
Bike from apartment to gym (getting lost along the way)

Crossfit Total
1RM Press (50kgs)
1RM Back Squat (110kgs)
1RM Deadlift (110kgs)

10 minute Cindy
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Squats

I was both dreading and looking forward to doing Crossfit Total yesterday. I wasn’t feeling the freshest so I wasn’t expecting PBs but I was curious if any of the work we’ve done recently have made any difference.

It seems that it had though, as even with my arms hurting I was able to press 50kgs relatively easy. I failed on 55kgs which in hindsight was probably a bit too much, still I was pretty happy with how easy the 50kgs went up. Same story on the backsquat, easy 110kgs (old PB) but had no time to do another set, maybe a 115 or 120? Next time.

Unfortunately, as always deadlifts failed me yet again. While I was able to lift 110kgs, I didn’t come close to lifting 120kgs. I’m starting to think that that lift was a fluke. I really need to work on that one.

The WOD was a quick but nasty one. 10 minutes of almost no rest with a target of 10 rounds, I managed only to start my 9th. I think my arms let me down as I was spending too much time doing 5 pull ups.


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