First Ride

The sun is out in London and it’s finally about time I rode my new bike! Socs and I headed out for quick breakfast before heading to do some grocery shopping which gave me a chance to test out my bike, while she took public transportation.

I felt relatively comfortable riding, although I might have been swaying side to side more than I would like. It may probably be due to the loose steering I have on my bike which I hope I have resolved by tightening a few things. The bike felt a bit slow though with the fat tires and the single speed gears, but I don’t mind as this is just a urban commuter bike for me and not a racer. I will probably be still messing around with the setup from time to time to find the most comfortable position and prepare for longer rides.

I must say that I was a bit anxious on the rode and parking the bike outside fearing it getting stolen, it is after all a brand new bike with very shiny bits. But hopefully I get a bit more comfortable navigating London’s streets on a bike and the bike getting a bit more sun so that it ages nicely.


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