I love to clean

Establish 2RM Squat Clean (failed at 2nd rep 75kgs)

5×3 Squat Clean at 80% 2RM (60kgs using 75kgs 2RM) rest 90secs after each set

12 minute AMRAP
30 double unders
Max strict pullups
3 Deadlifts at 80% 1RM (used 90kgs for 1RM between 110kgs and 115kgs)

Whenever there are cleans involved in the strength or WOD session I am a happy man. I just managed to clean 75kgs, but failed on the 2nd rep. Not sure what happened but just didn’t have a decent landing to stand up from the bottom. I still used the weight as a reference for the main strength session and felt a bit on the light side. It wasn’t heavy but it did highlight some technique points I have to remember.

It was on to the WOD and I wasn’t really concerned about the deadlifts, even though they were quite heavy. I was worried about the double unders as my left ankle isn’t really up for a beating recently. Still I managed to string around 10 reps on a few occasions, but had to relegate to singles on my 3rd (?) round as I just couldn’t jump high enough to clear the double unders. I did manage to get it back in control (somewhat) on the 4th round.

I think the weight on the deadlift was just right as I failed to do the 3rd rep on the last round, I think neurologically I was fried. I managed to do 3 deadlifts shy of 5 rounds with 19 pullups.

Loads of lifting

4×5 Deadlift 80kgs
6×3 Split Jerk 40kgs (Emphasize speed getting under the bar)

1 round dumbbell complex:
Push up
Squat Clean
Push Press
Split Jerk

12 Minute AMRAP
1 round DB complex + 200m run
2 rounds DB complex + 200m run
3 rounds DB complex + 200m run

I have been inconsistent in going to the gym recently, a combination of work getting in the way and classes getting fully booked fast, so I was a bit apprehensive when I got there and loads of weight was being moved around. Fortunately I was able to get by without much of a fuss and was glad that deadlifts where on the plate. I desperately want to get my numbers up on that lift!

The split jerk session was excellent as well and provided me with some great technique work.

The WOD did look like it was going to hurt, but despite that I loaded up with 15kg dumbbells. The first round was easy but things started to add up a few rounds later. I just kept my head screwed on properly and went through the movements deliberately. Glad to have finished 5 rounds even. Not sure if I could have gone to 20kgs but I think that would just have smashed me up bad without the metcon gains.


Strength 1
7 rounds
1 min HSPU (for quality)
1 min Pull ups (for reps)

Strength 2
5×1 Heavy Snatch 45kgs

10 minutes
7 Push Jerk 40kgs
7 Box jumps

I came in early and I saw loads of work being done. I was scared, but I was able to formulate some sort of game plan for the hour to come. First strength session was just to get used to pushing and pulling my own body weight. Pleasantly surprised to bang out 5/6 hand stand push ups (with 2 abmats on the first round) but tapered off to 2/3 for the rest (even with Nick nicking one of my abmats on the later rounds…. see what I did there?). And pull up work was just that, get some volume training in.

I was looking forward to the snatch session and as I’ve never had the chance to work on heavy snatches I decided to incrementally increase the weight and ended up doing 45kgs. New PB! I think i could have gone a bit heavier and maybe pulled a 50kgs, but I’ll take 45!

I decided to go with Phil’s recommendation of 10kgs off my 1RM strict press. If it got heavy, I would just reset and chip away at the reps. It was only 10 minutes and 7 reps per round anyway. The weight was just about perfect, any heavier and shit would just hit the fan in terms of form and performance. I am still contemplating if I pushed as much as I could as I didn’t feel like dying (or crying) at any point and I was able to do dynamic box jumps to cycle the rounds quicker. I ended up with 7 full rounds with 7 push jerks.

PB or no PB

Warm up
Bike from apartment to gym (getting lost along the way)

Crossfit Total
1RM Press (50kgs)
1RM Back Squat (110kgs)
1RM Deadlift (110kgs)

10 minute Cindy
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Squats

I was both dreading and looking forward to doing Crossfit Total yesterday. I wasn’t feeling the freshest so I wasn’t expecting PBs but I was curious if any of the work we’ve done recently have made any difference.

It seems that it had though, as even with my arms hurting I was able to press 50kgs relatively easy. I failed on 55kgs which in hindsight was probably a bit too much, still I was pretty happy with how easy the 50kgs went up. Same story on the backsquat, easy 110kgs (old PB) but had no time to do another set, maybe a 115 or 120? Next time.

Unfortunately, as always deadlifts failed me yet again. While I was able to lift 110kgs, I didn’t come close to lifting 120kgs. I’m starting to think that that lift was a fluke. I really need to work on that one.

The WOD was a quick but nasty one. 10 minutes of almost no rest with a target of 10 rounds, I managed only to start my 9th. I think my arms let me down as I was spending too much time doing 5 pull ups.