Managed to scrounge something up for dinner

So I forgot to defrost the meat I was supposed to cook tonight.  Normally that would mean me rushing off to M&S to find something microwaveable and quick, paired with something sweet on the side (Resistance is futile when you’re there).

What I did instead was opened the cupboard to see what I had and opened my copy of Paleo Comfort Foods.  The end result is my version of their Fish Stick-O-Licious.  I’m supposed to use fillets so that you have proper “sticks”, but I wanted to use what I got (and I didn’t want fish cakes — been there done that.  Lots of times.)

Granted, they don’t look very “fish-sticky”, and they break up when you start eating them.  But they are pretty filling.
(Not posting the recipe for this since I’m not really a good cook / not very good with flavors. What’s good for me may actually be so-so for others.  Had I used the cookbook recipe strictly, then I’m sure it would be waaay better and post worthy.  But I didn’t so there.)

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