3, Possibly Even 4

I had an interesting conversation with Jody last week.  It went something like this:

Me: Hey Jody, when are we doing Crossfit Total again?
Jody:  How about Monday?
Me: Cool.

Okay, that’s not really verbatim, but it’s the general idea. The result?  Crossfit Total day today! (Yay!)

Strength:  “Crossfit Total”

3 attempts at 1RM for: squats, press, deadlifts  (70kg / 32.5 kg / 75 kg)

Met Con: 21-15-9

double unders

I missed the 6PM class so I had to take the next one.  I couldn’t skip class as I don’t think Jody would let me hear the end of it if I did — I asked for it, I got it.  I just didn’t expect it to be followed by a Met Con.

So what’s with 3 and 4?  That’s the total number of PRs I had today 🙂  Having arrived too late for the 6PM class but early for the 7PM, I had a bit of time to work on my double unders.  Something just clicked, and I managed to string together 20 double-unders!  That’s PR number 1 right there.

On to CF total and I had my handy notebook with me.  The goal is to hit my previous weights at least…if I exceed them, I’d be more than happy.  Managed to PR for my back squats at 70 kgs (previously had 67.5 kgs) — PR number 2 there.  I also hit 32.5kgs on the strict press.  I wanted to do 35, but it just wasn’t happening so I’ll take the 32.5kgs as that’s PR number 3 right there.

On the deadlifts I managed to lift my previous record of 70kgs, but my notebook said that before that I’ve actually done 75kgs.  Managed to do that weight too, thankfully.  Tried 80kgs — no lift whatsoever.  Tried 77.5kg and I got it off the floor for a few inches but no more.  So the record stays at 75kgs, no PR there.

I was really impressed with Jillian though, as we were sharing the bar, we were trying to figure out what weights to use between the two of us.  She was looking really strong on the deadlifts and managed to do 80 kgs, and then 90 kgs, and then 95kgs and then 100kgs! Amazing work!  That was the first time I’ve paired up with a female lifting 100kgs — so that right there, is my possibly-PR-number-4.

It was already 8 when we finished CF Total but the others were crying out for more, so we did the Met Cons.  I managed 4:19 and even did double unders as well!  Maybe that should be PR number 4 — actual double unders for a Met Con…?  Whatever.  Overall, great day at Ronin today.


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