Sticking to the Brits

Warm up
10 shoulder dislocates
10 shoulder dislocates at bottom of squat
stretching bits

5×3 Press (maxed at 45kgs for 2 reps)

4-3-2-1 (one round per minute)
Deadlift 60kgs
Box Jump
Strict Pull ups

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (20 minute cap)
Deadlift 80kgs
Box Jump
Strict Pull ups (green band on round 5)

Got the title from Phil who is back from his ‘vacation’, welcome back Phil! (waves enthusiastically) I was quite glad that strict presses were in order for today as we seldom do presses, which is on of my weaknesses. Only managed to do 45kgs for 2 reps at the end there, which is close enough for my 50kg 1RM (I managed 1.5 reps at 50kgs, if there is such a thing).

The WOD was a tough one with heavy deadlifts and strict pullups. Yup, strict pull ups. It’s been a while since we’ve done strict pull ups with this volume so it was nice to see how I fared. Not too good as the pull ups held me back a bit and I had to switch to the green band (yes green, I know) in order to complete the WOD. I think was ok on the deadlifts, took it relatively easy and kept on the technique instead of just haphazardly lifting 80kgs off the floor, resetting every few reps. I decided not to bounce off the box jumps and opted to step down. I feared I might gas myself too much and lose the technique on the deadlift and lose more time recovering on the pull ups. Next time I will try to get that technique back.

I had some great coaching from Adnan who pushed me to finish the WOD at 19:54. I probably wouldn’t have finished if he wasn’t there to keep me from resting too much, and suggesting going for the band and just finishing the WOD on a high. Cheers mate!


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