Mentally out

Warm up
KB snatch and turkish get up techniques

Mini WOD
Between 2 members (one working at a time) complete:
80 KB snatches
40 Turkish get ups

20 Minute AMRAP
5 Pull ups
5 Ring dips
15 Squats

The WOD should have been easy, low rep scheme body weight AMRAP. Even though it was 20 minutes, it should have been a good solid work. For some reason though I wasn’t in it, not even at 3-2-1 GO! I as very early (an hour early) and instead of warming up and getting excited as I always do, I just wanted to just lie down. I initially set my self a low goal of 10 rounds, I managed 13+1 rep which was consistent as I was down to 6/7 halfway through. I could have probably done 14 or 15 if I pushed a bit more.

I guess we all have those days, this was one of them. I was so out of it I was contemplating on skipping class today, worrying if it was the right decision. Then I checked my schedule and found out my class is tomorrow.


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