My four years and 8 months in Dublin ends today.  There are so many things I’d like to say about my stay in Ireland, but I’ve been finding it hard to put words down.  Dublin is where I learned to truly be independent and with this type of independence comes loads of other responsibilities, everything adding up to teach me things I previously ignored, could not appreciate or simply did not realize.

Good bye Dublin.

( “Sláinte” is Gaelic for “health” and is used to in cheers to mean “to your good health”)

Should’ve, Would’ve, Could’ve

Warm Up
Star run

Deadlift 8-8-8-8-8plus (60kgs, last set 12 reps)
5×1 Clean and Jerk (50kgs)

10 minute AMRAP
15 Unbroken KB swings (20kg)
5 Strict Pull ups

200m medball run penalty for breaking KB swings

I was quite excited for the day’s session but as soon as we got started, I was thrown a curve ball by the British summer. It was sweltering hot! I believe it was up to 30 degrees, which is quite a departure from the last few weeks of rain. In any case, I believe I could and should have gone to 70kgs on the deadlift as 60 was relatively easy and not really 65% of my working 1RM (which was the aim). I could have probably done more than 12 reps on the last set but I was losing form a bit, probably due to the grip.

Same story on the clean and jerk. 60kgs would probably have been more appropriate as 50kgs wasn’t much of a challenge (sorry for sounding cocky there).

The WOD was just right though. I have always been breaking my reps into sets of 5s or 10s, but this called for 15 unbroken heavy swings. I managed to do that for 4 rounds, but mentally I was struggling a bit and my grip was getting close to failing as well. I had to take the bullet and do the penalty run on round 5. I definitely need to work on my mental toughness as well as my grip. I managed a decent score I think, as my goal was 5 or 6 and I could have probably done 6 if not for the run.