Technique and rhythm

Warm up
Star Run

Front squat drills (using poles and PVC)
5×3 Front Squat (max 70kgs)

12 Minute AMRAP
12 Wall balls
12 Toes to bar
100m med ball run every 2 minutes

I was quite tempted to sit this one out as work was starting to get in the way and but fortunately I decided to suck it up and just go. Everything in CrossFit can be scaled anyway. Thankfully it was a relatively straightforward session and I got quite a lot out of it.

Front squats have always been a good move for me as it is a final component of my favourite movement the clean. I just find standing tall on the rack position very appealing. We focused on elbows, chest up, knees out and weight on heels througout the movement and I was quite happy to do 70kgs for a 3RM (I’m not quite sure if this is an accurate figure but I don’t have any record of 3RM for a front squat, my 1RM is 85kgs). Technique-wise it felt good so I can look forward to pushing it a bit more next time.

The WOD looked relatively straightforward, I don’t want to say easy haha, and I set myself a goal of 4 or 5 rounds. First 2 minutes went by well as I was able to start my second round. Then for some reason it all came apart after the med ball run. Running with a medicine ball screwed my rhythm up a bit and I lost the technique on the toes to bar and wussed out on the wall balls. It was a bit disappointing, in hindsight, that I can string 8 wall balls if I just concentrate instead of doing 4 crappy ones a set. I did manage a decent last set and banged out 4 rounds + 4 reps. Good session overall in terms of effort and great takeaway in terms of knowledge.


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