I am in pain.  I went back to Ronin Crossfit on Monday to resume my 3x a week schedule and now I’m feeling the effects of being away from Crossfit for so long.

Strength:  Power Cleans 5×1 (35kgs)
WOD:  21-15-9
Deadlifts (45 kgs)

Strength:  Snatch + OH Squat 5 x 1 (20kgs)
WOD:  “Death by Power Cleans” (30kgs)
minute 1 – 5 power cleans
minute 2 – 6 power cleans
minute 3 – 7 power cleans
and so on….until you can no longer do the prescribed reps within the minute.
Score is the last minute you did all reps required.

I was terrified last Monday since I’ve been away for so long and we were doing Burpees!!!! Nothing says “Welcome back” like burpees, honestly.  I was glad that it was *only* paired with deadlifts (it could’ve been worse) for the metcon.  I think I was too glad, as I ended up with 45kgs, 5 more than the prescribed L1 weight.  I was lazy and I didn’t want to have to switch bars (we had the 15, it was easier to just add 2 15kg plates) so that was the price I paid.  Managed to finish it all in 6:01..quite decent I think.

Yesterday I went back for more (yes, I’m crazy like that) despite all the aches and pains.  They won’t go away anyway so why nurse them?  The strength session with the snatch felt really off.  I started with a 20kg bar to warm up.  I thought this would be okay since I’ve used 25kg in a metcon for snatches before we left but it didn’t feel right, no matter how hard I concentrated on the hip and shrug.  I forgot Tom’s pointer to really lean back so that the bar travels straight up and to add more power.  In any case, I stayed with the 20kg weight for the session.

And then on to the power cleans.  I honestly thought I would’ve done better since I’ve been happy with my technique on this one for a while now.  I guess when you stop you do lose the technique as well.  I was focusing again on the hip power to get me through, but the pain from Monday ddidn’t help.  I couldn’t do all the 12 reps within a minute, so my score was 11.  Pretty good, I think, though I wanted to do better.


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