Not a good pre-WOD meal

Warm up/Skill
Squat Clean drills
Muscle up progressions
Squat Clean skill (maxed at 72.5kgs)

3 rounds
400m run
21 KB swings (20kgs)
12 pull ups

Coming to the gym, I wasn’t feeling great. I think it was the McDonald’s burger I had for lunch or the fruits for snacks, probably the burger. In any case I felt bloated and gassy but proceeded anyway and just scale down a bit or take it easy depending on what was on the table. We got to work on our squat clean technique which I think went quite well and I got close to my 1RM even after being away for a while. Olympic lifting is very technical and the skill needs constant revisiting to improve so I was happy with the session.

I was pleasantly surprised to know that the WOD scheduled was a benchmark WOD, at least I got a chance to log in a time for this particular one. We ran out of 24kg kettle bells (which is the prescribed weight) so I had to settle with a 20kg one. Which was alright considering my stomach issue at the time. It did get me during the run, but I managed to stick to a good rep scheme on the swings but I still need work on my pull ups. I tend to stop around 5 reps because I feel my hands slipping or I haven’t managed to get a proper grip on the thick pull up bars we have here. I have found that getting my hands over the bar, in an almost false grip hold made me a bit more confident. I will try that out next time and try to bang out 10 reps a set more consistently


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