I am Paleo. I don’t eat sandwiches

Squat session
Boston Test of KB swings + goblet squats (starting at 6 reps each movement, do prescribed reps on the minute. add 1 rep each movement every minute)
Handstand drills
400m run

400m run
30 push ups
400m run
20 ring dips
400m run
10 handstand push ups
400m run

Post WOD
Pigeon-Ninja stretch
Accumulate 50 toes to bar

I was a bit early, and apprehensive, coming back to the gym after holidays but the weather was nice and I had nothing better to do. When Sally mentioned a sandwich of 400m runs, I figured a run at the start and end won’t be too bad. Then I realized it meant a sandwich of runs in between the push ups, dips and handstand push ups! That’s a Big Mac!

But I carried on making sure all the movements were strict and full range. I was lagging on the first run but managed a good pace in the middle runs. I was able to string the ring dips nicely but took my sweet time on the hand stand push ups. By the end I could only do negatives, and should have probably kept on banging out negatives or kipping it instead of trying to recover to bring out a decent time. I think I did ok considering.

I was sporting my Crossfit Insurrecto shirt, unfortunately did not have time to take a picture to share with the folks back home. Next time guys! Send me one of the new shirts, they look awesome! Add a Philippine flag in there to represent haha!


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