Back from Vacation (Counting up: Day 89)

I am resurfacing slowly from my holiday-induced stupor…there simply is no point fighting it, I have to get back to the real world eventually.  First up, I am resuming my count up to the big move:

Day 88:  I headed over to the embassy to submit my documents.  Funny how all the months of waiting results in pages of paper and a few combination of official letters and numbers.  From here on it will probably take 15-20 working days before I get my passport and visa.  And then not long after that, I will be off.

The idea of moving is not as difficult as it was before I went on vacation.  I guess seeing home and family again reminded me that this is no longer THE big move.  The biggest move was done almost 4 years ago.  This is merely a continuation.

I will miss Dublin — there is no doubt about it — and the friends I’ve made here, the homey city where you pretty much know where everything is and the quality of apartments I can afford to live in.  But for now, I’m still missing home and I can only afford to miss one thing at a time.


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