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Warm Up
I don’t think we needed any, it was pretty warm in the box!

Power Clean (145#, 95#)

20 minute cap
n pull ups
n wall balls
(on the nth minute, do n pullups and n wall balls. game over if you can’t do the prescribed reps within the minute)

Socs and I scheduled another workout in Crossfit Insurrecto and this time we had a skill session prior to the WOD, and fortunately it was my favourite move the power clean! I wasn’t completely happy with my technique though, but still managed to clean 145lbs easy for 3 reps (around 65kgs). We weren’t going for PB 1RMs so I’m happy with that.

I was hoping there won’t be any thrusters on today’s WOD, but then I saw wall balls which is pretty much the same thing. At least a couplet of pull ups and wall balls looked ok enough. We managed to crack on pretty well and I was able to string some pretty good kipping pull ups and the wall balls felt surprisingly easy. Is it because I’m closer now to the equator and the rotation of the Earth helps me in throwing the ball up? I don’t know, what I do know is that I managed to do 9 rounds + 1 wall ball and Socs 8 + 2 wall balls. Thanks to the Insurrecto’s who cheered me on on my last half round!

We’ll try to be back for one more hurrah before we head back to London and Dublin!


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