Holiday WOD

Warm up
A bunch of movements

7 rounds
8 Burpee box jumps
8 Toes to bar to air squat
6 Burpees

I ‘forced’ Socs into spending an afternoon of our holidays in the closest Crossfit box where we’re staying, and luckily I’ve got an old university buddy who also goes to Crossfit Insurrecto so we where able to join in their fun last Saturday in exchange for a couple of Crossfit London UK and Ronin Crossfit shirts.

I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t have any strength/skill work, but I think the WOD more than made up for it. 7 rounds of hell, and it was almost as hot as hell down here as I was sweating like a pig right around the second round. I’m no longer used to the tropical weather apparently. In the end I managed to finish only 6 rounds in the 20 minute cap… I think it was enforced as I think was the only left. I wasn’t sure if others DNFed or finished way earlier than I did, I really had no idea anymore as I probably lost half my bodyweight in sweat in 20 minutes! Sorry for sweating profusely in your new box haha!

Big thanks to the crew of Crossfit Insurrecto! Hopefully we can drop by for another session before we head back to sunny Dublin and London.


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