Technique and rhythm

Warm up
Star Run

Front squat drills (using poles and PVC)
5×3 Front Squat (max 70kgs)

12 Minute AMRAP
12 Wall balls
12 Toes to bar
100m med ball run every 2 minutes

I was quite tempted to sit this one out as work was starting to get in the way and but fortunately I decided to suck it up and just go. Everything in CrossFit can be scaled anyway. Thankfully it was a relatively straightforward session and I got quite a lot out of it.

Front squats have always been a good move for me as it is a final component of my favourite movement the clean. I just find standing tall on the rack position very appealing. We focused on elbows, chest up, knees out and weight on heels througout the movement and I was quite happy to do 70kgs for a 3RM (I’m not quite sure if this is an accurate figure but I don’t have any record of 3RM for a front squat, my 1RM is 85kgs). Technique-wise it felt good so I can look forward to pushing it a bit more next time.

The WOD looked relatively straightforward, I don’t want to say easy haha, and I set myself a goal of 4 or 5 rounds. First 2 minutes went by well as I was able to start my second round. Then for some reason it all came apart after the med ball run. Running with a medicine ball screwed my rhythm up a bit and I lost the technique on the toes to bar and wussed out on the wall balls. It was a bit disappointing, in hindsight, that I can string 8 wall balls if I just concentrate instead of doing 4 crappy ones a set. I did manage a decent last set and banged out 4 rounds + 4 reps. Good session overall in terms of effort and great takeaway in terms of knowledge.


I am in pain.  I went back to Ronin Crossfit on Monday to resume my 3x a week schedule and now I’m feeling the effects of being away from Crossfit for so long.

Strength:  Power Cleans 5×1 (35kgs)
WOD:  21-15-9
Deadlifts (45 kgs)

Strength:  Snatch + OH Squat 5 x 1 (20kgs)
WOD:  “Death by Power Cleans” (30kgs)
minute 1 – 5 power cleans
minute 2 – 6 power cleans
minute 3 – 7 power cleans
and so on….until you can no longer do the prescribed reps within the minute.
Score is the last minute you did all reps required.

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Not a good pre-WOD meal

Warm up/Skill
Squat Clean drills
Muscle up progressions
Squat Clean skill (maxed at 72.5kgs)

3 rounds
400m run
21 KB swings (20kgs)
12 pull ups

Coming to the gym, I wasn’t feeling great. I think it was the McDonald’s burger I had for lunch or the fruits for snacks, probably the burger. In any case I felt bloated and gassy but proceeded anyway and just scale down a bit or take it easy depending on what was on the table. We got to work on our squat clean technique which I think went quite well and I got close to my 1RM even after being away for a while. Olympic lifting is very technical and the skill needs constant revisiting to improve so I was happy with the session.

I was pleasantly surprised to know that the WOD scheduled was a benchmark WOD, at least I got a chance to log in a time for this particular one. We ran out of 24kg kettle bells (which is the prescribed weight) so I had to settle with a 20kg one. Which was alright considering my stomach issue at the time. It did get me during the run, but I managed to stick to a good rep scheme on the swings but I still need work on my pull ups. I tend to stop around 5 reps because I feel my hands slipping or I haven’t managed to get a proper grip on the thick pull up bars we have here. I have found that getting my hands over the bar, in an almost false grip hold made me a bit more confident. I will try that out next time and try to bang out 10 reps a set more consistently

Of food and food processors

Last night, I had to carry two boxes of differing size and weight across the width of a football field and through 5 doorways. Luckily I do CrossFit and am a functional athlete so I managed without much of a fuss. What’s in the box you say? A trash bin and a food processor. Don’t mind the bin, it’s the food processor that got me all excited.

Socs and I have been meaning to buy one and finally it has arrived! It now opens up a whole new possibility in terms of food offering in the Vistan household. I’ve always had trouble adding more vegetables in our meals and hopefully this new gear will help. I’ve always thought it was easier to go Paleo here in the UK than back in the Philippines, but then I realized that being a Filipino in London is actually works out very well. I’m not a bread person so no problem there, rice here isn’t as good as back home so I seldom have them, and some of our home cook meals are actually paleo friendly! What I absolutely love about living here is the availability and variety of food items available. Mind you it sometimes gets difficult to find certain ingredients or cuts of meat but I manage, or just experiment with what is available.

Some say going paleo is difficult. I say keep it simple and keep an open mind and you never know what will come out of your kitchen. Stick with whole foods, eat meat and veg, stay away from grains as much as possible, don’t be afraid of fat and reduce sugar. Simple, tasty and quite exciting really. Alright, no more blogging and on to some cooking! (I’m off to my second dinner)