Boracay Body Part 31: Final

Warm Up
Star Run

Kipping pull ups
Kipping handstand push ups

100 Double Under buy in
3 rounds
10 Strict pull ups
5 Snatch (35kgs, 25kgs)
100 Double Under buy out

Forced Socs into attending Tom’s class the night before we left for Manila and she was quite apprehensive, just because it was Tom’s class. I was a bit disappointed that there was no barbell gymnastic sessions, but was rewarded with the WOD… more on that later. Our skills session was quite good as it reinforced some of the techniques for kipping both the pull up and the handstand push up. Socs got some pretty encouraging words from Tom on both efforts and she is that much closer to getting her first pull up.

We spent 10 minutes warming up for the WOD, I tried out 40kgs but my shoulder/elbow issue prevented me from controlling the weight overhead. I resorted to doing 35kgs, which I knew I could do easy so I was a bit disappointed in that. Nonetheless I kept to the technique to make sure I got the most out of the workout. I also did all double under buy in and was able to string a good set of probably 10 double unders in a row! Unfortunately my elbow/shoulder prevented me from doing more than 1 or 2 pull ups a set on the last rounds and my double unders disappeared which meant I had to do singles and lateral jumps instead for the cash out.

Overall it was a great session with Socs finishing around 13 minutes and me 1m40s later. Now we’re looking forward to our holiday back in the islands.


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