Boracay Body Part 30: Tearing it up

Warm Up
Star run

1×5 Heavy deadlift 100kgs 4 reps only

Snatch 30kgs
Pull ups
1 minute rest
10, 9, 8, …. 3, 2, 1
Thrusters 30kgs
Knees to elbows

Steve was on hand today to help out with the strength session for the deadlifts. It’s funny as he was teaching the same technique I’ve been using before, so I guess I was on the right track ever since. I am still fuzzy about the difference in mechanics between today’s approach vs Tom’s suggestion a few months back.

The WOD was another long one. Snatch pullup combination, a minutes rest and a reverse ladder of thrusters and knees to elbow to finish off. I was nursing my elbow a bit so I wasn’t able to push as much as I wanted. And after the 20 minute cap I finished the 5 thrusters on the ladder and a ripped callus. Every time in Kat’s class, luckily it was just a small one this time around.


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