Boracay Body Part 29: Happy Birthday Mum!

Warm Up
Jump rope session
Overhead lunges

Barbel Gymnastics/Skill
5×2 Clean and Jerk 50kgs

Find 3RM Back Squat 80kgs

20sec Shuttle runs… quite a lot of it

I didn’t really count how many 20 second shuttle runs we did or how many ‘laps’ in total, it was a bit damp outside due to the lovely British weather and I was concentrating more on running as fast as I can given the conditions. I was hoping for something more ‘CrossFit’ like and dedicate it to my Mum’s birthday, but I think my performance on the skill and strength session is enough.

I got the concept of keeping my heels down after listening to Tom on the earlier class and working on my technique. I put on 50kgs as Tom suggested, which was a bit below my 80% 1RM for my split jerk and way below 80% of my squat clean 1RM. I think I could have gone to 60kgs but it was a technique session so I concentrated on that. There were some ugly jerks (no, not my fellow athletes or Tom…) in there but I think that was mostly due to my elbow acting up a bit from last Sunday.

Then it was on to some very technical back squats. I managed to do 80kgs, maybe I could have pushed it to 85 or 90 but since I have no idea what my 1RM or 3RM for that matter, I was quite happy. PB! hahaha

I cooked two meals after the gym session, 1 whole grilled seabass with courgette salad and my lunch tomorrow salmon with pak choi. Mum would be proud 🙂


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