Boracay Body Part 27: Oh My Cod

Run through the park

Find 1RM Squat Clean (80kgs, 42.5kgs) both PB!

Team WOD (team of 5 for both Socs and I)
3 rounds
Carry barbell through park (70kgs, 60kgs)
20 back to back squats
20 jumping squats
15 Pull-ups/push ups

My butt hurts because of Colin. Let me clarify that, the workout he prescribed last Saturday involved around a whole lot of push ups and planks, and pistols and wall squats. And it was not just me, Alex and Tim were in the hurt too. Yet all three of us, and a whole bunch more came to today’s single workout for a bit more pain.

Prior to that we tried for 1 RM squat clean and Socs and I PBed! I knew I had 80kgs in me! And Socs did pretty well with 42.5kgs as well! Awesome effort all around. It was then on to the WOD. It was fantastically awful. 4 groups of 4-5 blokes/ladies running around the park carrying a bar, did get us some strange looks but it was inside the gym that hurt a bit more. My legs would burn with the squats then my grips would give on the pull ups after carrying the bar. We managed to overtake one group though so that was a good indicator that we pushed a bit. I was a bit disappointed with myself on the last set of pull ups but I think that was more due to the fact that my hands were slipping rather than the lack of strength (I had to resort to strict-ish pullups rather than kipping, otherwise I would have flown off the bar).

Socs and I went around London, eating a hearty meal, taking a few snapshots and going shopping. I bought ourselves quite a bit of fish oil hoping that all of today’s aches from squatting and walking around would be alleviated by this.

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