Boracay Body Part 31: Final

Warm Up
Star Run

Kipping pull ups
Kipping handstand push ups

100 Double Under buy in
3 rounds
10 Strict pull ups
5 Snatch (35kgs, 25kgs)
100 Double Under buy out

Forced Socs into attending Tom’s class the night before we left for Manila and she was quite apprehensive, just because it was Tom’s class. I was a bit disappointed that there was no barbell gymnastic sessions, but was rewarded with the WOD… more on that later. Our skills session was quite good as it reinforced some of the techniques for kipping both the pull up and the handstand push up. Socs got some pretty encouraging words from Tom on both efforts and she is that much closer to getting her first pull up.

We spent 10 minutes warming up for the WOD, I tried out 40kgs but my shoulder/elbow issue prevented me from controlling the weight overhead. I resorted to doing 35kgs, which I knew I could do easy so I was a bit disappointed in that. Nonetheless I kept to the technique to make sure I got the most out of the workout. I also did all double under buy in and was able to string a good set of probably 10 double unders in a row! Unfortunately my elbow/shoulder prevented me from doing more than 1 or 2 pull ups a set on the last rounds and my double unders disappeared which meant I had to do singles and lateral jumps instead for the cash out.

Overall it was a great session with Socs finishing around 13 minutes and me 1m40s later. Now we’re looking forward to our holiday back in the islands.

Boracay Body Part 30: Tearing it up

Warm Up
Star run

1×5 Heavy deadlift 100kgs 4 reps only

Snatch 30kgs
Pull ups
1 minute rest
10, 9, 8, …. 3, 2, 1
Thrusters 30kgs
Knees to elbows

Steve was on hand today to help out with the strength session for the deadlifts. It’s funny as he was teaching the same technique I’ve been using before, so I guess I was on the right track ever since. I am still fuzzy about the difference in mechanics between today’s approach vs Tom’s suggestion a few months back.

The WOD was another long one. Snatch pullup combination, a minutes rest and a reverse ladder of thrusters and knees to elbow to finish off. I was nursing my elbow a bit so I wasn’t able to push as much as I wanted. And after the 20 minute cap I finished the 5 thrusters on the ladder and a ripped callus. Every time in Kat’s class, luckily it was just a small one this time around.

Boracay Body Part 29: Happy Birthday Mum!

Warm Up
Jump rope session
Overhead lunges

Barbel Gymnastics/Skill
5×2 Clean and Jerk 50kgs

Find 3RM Back Squat 80kgs

20sec Shuttle runs… quite a lot of it

I didn’t really count how many 20 second shuttle runs we did or how many ‘laps’ in total, it was a bit damp outside due to the lovely British weather and I was concentrating more on running as fast as I can given the conditions. I was hoping for something more ‘CrossFit’ like and dedicate it to my Mum’s birthday, but I think my performance on the skill and strength session is enough.

I got the concept of keeping my heels down after listening to Tom on the earlier class and working on my technique. I put on 50kgs as Tom suggested, which was a bit below my 80% 1RM for my split jerk and way below 80% of my squat clean 1RM. I think I could have gone to 60kgs but it was a technique session so I concentrated on that. There were some ugly jerks (no, not my fellow athletes or Tom…) in there but I think that was mostly due to my elbow acting up a bit from last Sunday.

Then it was on to some very technical back squats. I managed to do 80kgs, maybe I could have pushed it to 85 or 90 but since I have no idea what my 1RM or 3RM for that matter, I was quite happy. PB! hahaha

I cooked two meals after the gym session, 1 whole grilled seabass with courgette salad and my lunch tomorrow salmon with pak choi. Mum would be proud 🙂

Boracay Body Part 28: A long night

7×2 Heavy Deadlift (110kgs)

3x Max Deadhang pullups + 1 minute rest

20 Minute AMRAP
6 Push ups
12 KB swings (24kgs)
18 Goblet Squat (24kgs)
Star run

Post WOD
5 minutes max double unders (50ish)

I was sort of glad it was heavy deadlifts for the strength session yesterday, I felt relatively strong and was able to bang out good reps at 110kgs. I tried for 120kgs (my PB) on the last set but failed to get it past my knees. I was either overthinking things or got burned out or probably it was just one of those days, everyday is not a PB day. I may still need a bit of work to get past 120kgs.

It was then to pull ups which I also need a bit of work. Not just with the strength aspect but also with technique, yes even a simple pull up has technique to it.

Then it was on to the main WOD 20, I grabbed the 24Kg kettlebell as this was the only way I can improve (plus 12 swings isn’t too bad, plus I didn’t want to incur the Wrath of Kat… just kidding). Looked ok at the beginning, until we had to go out for a run. I hate running, I wasn’t in the mood for running so the running held me back. 6 push ups? Easy. 12 KB swings? Not too bad actually. 18 goblet squats? I can dealwith that. Star run? Fuckin’ hell. I had to walk maybe half of the last star run as I was getting pretty bad stitches, I managed to finish 4 rounds in a little over 20 minutes. Still need more improvement.

Then 5 more minutes of double unders. I was able to do a few sets of 5-6 I think. I was just going through the motions as I am still recovering from an ankle injury, which I think is recovering well. So hopefully I can get some more double under practice and get that bloody thing off the list.

Boracay Body Part 27: Oh My Cod

Run through the park

Find 1RM Squat Clean (80kgs, 42.5kgs) both PB!

Team WOD (team of 5 for both Socs and I)
3 rounds
Carry barbell through park (70kgs, 60kgs)
20 back to back squats
20 jumping squats
15 Pull-ups/push ups

My butt hurts because of Colin. Let me clarify that, the workout he prescribed last Saturday involved around a whole lot of push ups and planks, and pistols and wall squats. And it was not just me, Alex and Tim were in the hurt too. Yet all three of us, and a whole bunch more came to today’s single workout for a bit more pain. Continue reading