Boracay Body Part 24: Go Hard or Go Home

3 rounds
10 OHS
5 Kip and release
20 KB swing (eye level) 16kgs

Barbell gymnastics
5 x 2 Hang snatch, OHS, Snatch balance, OHS
40sec rest before each round

8minute cap
15, 12, 9
90kg Deadlift
4x lateral burpee (over barbell)

5 min AMRAP
Alternating arm Turkish get-up

I can’t believe it has been weeks since I’ve worked out. I did a few deadlifts and some box carry during my recent move to North London but that really doesn’t do much. I was a bit scared signing up yesterday for Tom’s class as he is a know ball buster with his team and hero WODs. But I figured I can always scale down and get some proper work done.

I realized that my head was not screwed in properly and I had still a bit of a problem with the ankle during the snatch barbell gymnastics. But I’m looking forward to getting that skill sorted, I hope it will get programmed in more. I was not disappointed with the workout though, heavy deadlifts a burpees. I knew I couldn’t do Rx at 140kgs (my 1RM as it stands is 120kgs) so I opted for 90kgs which felt heavy enough. In retrospect, I think I could have gone 100kgs as my form didn’t really go ape shit and I could bang out good sets and managed to get up to 7 of 12 burpees. In fact I really don’t feel sore today, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not but at least I’m back and hopefully I can go balls to the wall soon.


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