Early on in the year I’ve contemplated on replacing my Vibram Five Fingers and recently the retail therapy bug has bit me once again so I made the trip down to the local shoe shop and got me a pair of Inov-8 Road-X lite 155

They only come in bright yellow, which I don’t really mind that much. In fact I kinda like the bright color. One of the main reasons I wanted to have a more ‘traditional’ shoe was because I injured my ankle slightly a couple of weeks back (not a fault of the shoe mind you) and I wanted something with a little bit more support than the full barefoot experience of the Vibram Five Fingers. While not fully a barefoot shoe, this one has a very minimalist approach in its design. Our workout included running, box jumps and some deadlifts and I did notice that running and box jumping were definitely more enjoyable in the shoes. I may need some getting used to lifting with them on a pure strength session but overall I think they do just fine. Either way I can always go barefoot if I need more contact with the ground for really heavy lifts.

The other reasons for replacing the Vibram Five Fingers was that it was kinda getting smelly, although I did buy some Injinji toe socks so I might still wear them occasionally without having to worry about getting smelly feet. Plus they’re somewhat becoming a fad now, and I’m a hipster so they’re no longer cool for me. So I’m going for Inov-8s which are now the cool thing… so I’m no longer the hipster… (I’m not making sense am I)


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