Boracay Body Part 23: Mad Mondays

Warm Up
Wall squats
Snatch and OHS technique

OHS 35kgs
Hand release push up
Shuttle run in between rounds

3 rounds
1 minute max burpees (19-17-16)
1 minute rest

It was nice to be back in Sally’s class and immediately I see people doing kettle bell swings and lots of them. Then I realized that it was a special session for the 6:30pm class. However our session still had something to offer for us mortals. Overhead squats are always tricky so I decided to stick to 35kgs for the WOD. I could have gone Rx of 40 but I would probably take forever as 35kgs was just about right. I didn’t hit the wall where you just think ‘Why the hell am I doing this shit?’ and slog on.

I liked the finisher as the tiny voice in your head telling you to stop and rest, but then you just have to tell yourself that it is only 1 minute of work and you can rest afterwards. I think I was gassed more on the finisher compared to the actual WOD. I might be a little woozy as I just booked myself a seminar with Naka Athletics who will be here in London. Funny enough, I was actually thinking about the possibility of attending one of Carl Paoli’s seminars should he cross the pond. So there you go, hopefully I can post my experiences after the seminar.


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