An Ode to 5

Thanks for providing a home for me in foreign land. A daunting task, getting settled halfway around the world with not much in hand. But you provided me with a roof over my head and a base to start my new life. Flat 5 and W5 provided me with a first taste of living a Londoner’s life. I loved the accessibility, the green surroundings, and the quite neighborhood (except for maybe one instance).

But it’s time to move on, experience a different part of this great city. And wouldn’t you know… number 5 is still the magic number.

Making Faces

I’ve been a bad blogger and neglected to record my previous workouts. So let me make up for it by recounting two of the recent ones:

Friday April 20 – “Karen” 150 wall balls for time (14 lbs) 

I got this done in 10:29…more than 2 minutes shaved off from my previous Karen! Granted,I still could not get the ball high enough, but it was as close to it as I could.  Thighs were extremely painful after this, but I still managed to try some of the bodyweight movements that we’re testing to determine our levels (will post more on that later on).

Tuesday April 24 – 10 minute AMRAP of 15 burpees and 10 KB swings (16kgs)

There was no debate in my head this time, I was going for it RX.  It would be heavy and it would be painful, but I knew if I just kept that power coming from the hip, I could survive, even if it meant less reps than everyone else.  In 10 minutes I managed 4 rounds + 15 burpees + 6 KB swings…nearly 5 rounds which was what most people got on average.  Not too far off considering I went for the weight.  My burpees still need lots of work.  Lots.

Tuesday was also quite interesting…during the warm up we did a bit of bear crawls…I ended up bruising my left thumb.  I must’ve scraped it against the floor.  Very minor injury but I had it cleaned and wrapped up right away as I didn’t like seeing the blood.  At the end of the WOD, we were supposed to do 10 strict pull ups before leaving.  Since I’ve managed a few jumping pull ups already (the bar was still high up even after the jump so I was pulling myself up properly over the bar — just still cant do it from a hanging position — It will come SOON!) I thought I’d start with that.

So I jumped up and held on to the bar.  At that moment Eamon and the rest of the guys cheered me on and were greeted by my pain face.  The pain face was not because of the effort being exerted to get myself up over the bar.  I had, at that moment, gotten cramps on my right leg with my toe pointing downwards.  I had to ask for help since I couldn’t jump down and land on my leg and Eamon helped me down.  Ignoring the cramp pain, I think that was quite funny.  And slightly embarrassing.


Boracay Body Part 24: Go Hard or Go Home

3 rounds
10 OHS
5 Kip and release
20 KB swing (eye level) 16kgs

Barbell gymnastics
5 x 2 Hang snatch, OHS, Snatch balance, OHS
40sec rest before each round

8minute cap
15, 12, 9
90kg Deadlift
4x lateral burpee (over barbell)

5 min AMRAP
Alternating arm Turkish get-up

I can’t believe it has been weeks since I’ve worked out. I did a few deadlifts and some box carry during my recent move to North London but that really doesn’t do much. I was a bit scared signing up yesterday for Tom’s class as he is a know ball buster with his team and hero WODs. But I figured I can always scale down and get some proper work done.

I realized that my head was not screwed in properly and I had still a bit of a problem with the ankle during the snatch barbell gymnastics. But I’m looking forward to getting that skill sorted, I hope it will get programmed in more. I was not disappointed with the workout though, heavy deadlifts a burpees. I knew I couldn’t do Rx at 140kgs (my 1RM as it stands is 120kgs) so I opted for 90kgs which felt heavy enough. In retrospect, I think I could have gone 100kgs as my form didn’t really go ape shit and I could bang out good sets and managed to get up to 7 of 12 burpees. In fact I really don’t feel sore today, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not but at least I’m back and hopefully I can go balls to the wall soon.


Early on in the year I’ve contemplated on replacing my Vibram Five Fingers and recently the retail therapy bug has bit me once again so I made the trip down to the local shoe shop and got me a pair of Inov-8 Road-X lite 155

They only come in bright yellow, which I don’t really mind that much. In fact I kinda like the bright color. One of the main reasons I wanted to have a more ‘traditional’ shoe was because I injured my ankle slightly a couple of weeks back (not a fault of the shoe mind you) and I wanted something with a little bit more support than the full barefoot experience of the Vibram Five Fingers. While not fully a barefoot shoe, this one has a very minimalist approach in its design. Our workout included running, box jumps and some deadlifts and I did notice that running and box jumping were definitely more enjoyable in the shoes. I may need some getting used to lifting with them on a pure strength session but overall I think they do just fine. Either way I can always go barefoot if I need more contact with the ground for really heavy lifts.

The other reasons for replacing the Vibram Five Fingers was that it was kinda getting smelly, although I did buy some Injinji toe socks so I might still wear them occasionally without having to worry about getting smelly feet. Plus they’re somewhat becoming a fad now, and I’m a hipster so they’re no longer cool for me. So I’m going for Inov-8s which are now the cool thing… so I’m no longer the hipster… (I’m not making sense am I)


Counting up: Days 11-12 — no activity whatsoever related to the big move.

On other matters, Allan and I decided to drop by another local Crossfit box, Crossfit Dublin City Centre.  As they are only 5 minutes away from where I live and Joel has joined them, we thought it would be fun to get a workout in all together.  We were welcomed with 3 7-minute AMRAP workouts…what a way to start the weekend.


7 minute AMRAP:
2 handstand push ups OR 4 pikes OR 5 press
6 toes 2 bar OR  8 knees 2 elbows OR  8 overhead situps
8 KB swings (24kgs/12 kgs)

5 minute break

7 minute AMRAP
5 deadlifts (80+kgs/40+kgs)
10 burpee box jumps (20″/ 16″)

5 minute break

7 minute AMRAP
5 push press/jerk (40+kgs / 30+ kgs)
5 ring dips
100m run

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