Feeling Adventurous

First off, Count Up Day 4:  I received news that it probably won’t be until May before I can apply for the visa, so I guess that means this might be just as long as the last time.  I might end up not doing count ups everyday…maybe a weekly round up will do?

Now on to the workout:

Strength:  Strict Pulls Ups on the minute, every minute for 10 minutes — Find a rep that you can sustain

5 Rounds for Time of —
10 Power Snatches (20 kgs)
10 Toes to Bar (Knees Up for me)

I opted for the blue band since I have been dependent on the green band for quite some time now, but I was aiming for 3 reps every minute.  Adding more would be ambitious especially as it was supposed to be strict.  At one point Jody had pointed out that I was kipping on my pull ups — so from then on I had to consciously stop myself from any extra movements.  I think 2 minutes after that I dropped from 3 every minute to 2 and a half (not quite above the bar) and then on to 2 for my 10th.  That’s okay, happy that I did blue bands.

For the WOD, it was a high rep number and the RX weight at 25kgs was heavy.  I tried 3 reps to test, but couldn’t quite feel balanced and my wrists hurt a bit.  For a total of 50 reps, plus toes to bar, I opted for 20kgs.  Even that weight was tough — All throughout my first set I felt I was struggling a bit to get good lifts…eventually weariness had its weird effect of making me tighten up more and the last two sets felt better, but I was still getting really tired, and my arms were slipping with every toes to bar rep.

I finished it all at 10:08 — thankfully not twice as long as everyone else.

I was happy to have kept it at that weight.  Snatch is such a complicated move I really need to get my technique right before I hit it heavy.

To end the day and a horrible (in a good CF way) workout — I made some beef with brocolli for dinner and now there are Paleo Muffins in the oven!  As I was making it I realized I’ve never baked anything before.  The closest I’ve come is probably —- pancakes?  And those don’t even need an oven.

Here are my creations before they went into the oven.  Will post photos of how they turn out tomorrow morning (these are for breakfast).


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