A Few Fleeting Seconds

I didn’t realize that I haven’t posted about my workouts for about two weeks now….it might be a little too late to cover the other WODs I’ve done so I’ll stick to today’s WOD plus some other news about me.

Strength:  Max rep Handstand Push Ups (or scale versions as appropriate)


3 Rounds for Time —

10 Clean and Jerk (30 kgs)

15 Burpees

I have quite a few moves that really “challenge” me when it comes to Crossfit — pull ups being the main one and handstand push ups another.  So knowing that today was handstand push ups meant I had to plan ahead.

I can’t do handstand push ups.

I can hold a handstand for a few seconds when against a wall.

I can’t kick up to a handstand without assistance.

A few weeks back Allan and I found these videos from Gymnastics WOD and I have been thinking about this one for a while now.  Carl Paoli gives advise on technique in those videos to kick up to a Handstand.  It was perfect for me.  Today was the opportunity to try out that kick up (repeatedly if needed) and to try and get a feel for the whole thing.

So..the first few kick ups I noticed the straight leg hitting the wall behind me a couple of times.  It was encouraging as it meant I was kicking up high enough, so I just kept at it.  And then at one point, both feet were in the air and hitting the wall.  I was so shocked, I fell back into starting position.  I wasn’t quite certain what happened there and, as everyone was minding their business I just thought to myself I’d give it another go in a bit.

In a few seconds, I started my kicking up exercise again.  And then I felt it…both feet were up, I was feeling balanced and surprisingly, relaxed.  BUT my feet were not touching the wall!  I felt really balanced and centered…but I couldn’t feel the wall….so I was feeling a bit off as my goal was to hit the wall.  I held this maybe for two seconds or so and dropped back.  In my head I was cheering like crazy — I did it! I did it! I did it!!!!  But I managed to control myself.  So much I think that I started doubting if I really did it hours after.  But yeah, I remember the feeling of being confused (am I doing it? am I doing it?  I’m doing it?  I’m doing it!) coupled with that amazing feeling of being centered.  I wish Allan were there to see it…he would have been thrilled.

And then on to the WOD.  RX weight was heavy for me, but I had promised myself to go RX if I even thought I could do it, so it was 30kgs for me.  No matter if it took me twice as long as everyone.  I was going to do it RX and with proper form — it was the only way to improve.

I won’t deny that 5 clean and jerks into the WOD I was wishing I went for a lower weight….but at the end of 8:58, I was done!  RX, thank you very much 🙂  Burpees are still horrible, but the odd sense of satisfaction in  drpping the weight after a lift sort of makes up for it (sort of!).


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