Boracay Body Part 21: Jonescrawl

Warm Up
Some stretching things

KB swings 16kgs

Find 1RM 120kg PR!
Socialist Pull ups

Jones Crawl
3 Rounds
10 Deadlift (125% BW = 80kgs)
25 Box jumps

Today’s session was a mix of emotions. I kind of wussed out on WOD 2 and grabbed the 16Kg kettlebell as I am just coming back from a mild case of the flu earlier this week and the 3 WODs on the board. I reckon I could have done 20Kgs at a decent pace, but at least that bit of ‘rest’ got me to a new PR on the deadlift! Finally broke that 110kg barrier since forever it seems. I didn’t do much of the socialist pull-ups (meaning each will perform according to their needs…) as I feared I might gas myself too much doing kipping pull-up practice.

It was a bit surprising that we did Jones Crawl today as it is designed by Mark Twight of Gym Jones which has a bit of bad blood with CrossFit HQ. Nonetheless I admire these guys for their no-BS approach to training so I was a bit keen on doing their workout as prescribed. With the added bonus of hitting my new 1RM I decided to go ahead and to it with 80kgs.

It was heavy, but manageable and the box jumps gassed me a bit with just the sheer number. I managed to keep moving and finished 8:11 dead last and the worse time of the day. Decent performance considering.


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