Boracay Body Part 20: Don’t Stop

Warm up
Star Run
Kabaddi game

Squat clinic
Back Squat 70kgs

Team of 2
12 minute AMRAP
9 Deadlift 100kgs
9 Ring Dips
9 Pull ups
(Player 1 does the work while Player 2 runs 200m with medicine ball. Once Player 2 is back from the run, he continues where Player 1 left off while Player 1 goes off for the run. Rinse and Repeat)

My tummy was feeling a little weird after all the chilli I ate the night before and for lunch, so I was a bit worried that I might puke or drop dead during the workout. Mind you the chilli was great (I will post the recipe separately), but probably not a good pre-workout meal.

The warm up was weird as I had no idea how to play kabaddi and we ended up losing pretty badly. Strength and skill session was great as it has been a while since I’ve done back squats. Tom was quick to point out that I need to keep by belly tight all the time, as my butt was ‘winking’ at the bottom of my squat.

I was paired with Tim and we decided to go for 100kgs deadlift, it was the first time I went this heavy on a WOD but we figured why not as it was only 9 reps. Our score might not be that great but this was the only way to improve, so long as we kept safe and proper technique we should be ok. Both of us also went with no bands on the rings, it was going to be epic.

Surprisingly the ring dips where the easy part and I managed to string a bit of kipping pull ups all through the session. The deadlifts were definitely heavy and I was struggling a bit on a few, but I think I managed to keep relatively decent proper form. I think we ended up with 3 or 4 rounds plus a couple of pull-ups.

It was a good 12 minutes of continuous work and I hope I didn’t disappoint Tim with my crappy run times.


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