Boracay Body Part 19: Limits

Hip and shoulder

Games WOD 3
18 minute AMRAP
15 Box Jump 24″
12 Shoulder to Overhead 52.5kgs
9 Toes to bar

When I found out what the WOD was today my initial thought was that it looked easy enough. But then as I kept thinking about it, the shoulder to overhead (press, push press, push jerk or split jerk) with 50kgs was going to be the deciding factor. I knew it was going to be heavy by my standards and I wasn’t sure how many rounds I could do. Before we set off I reckon I could do 4 and would be happy to exceed that.

Unfortunately I managed to do 2 reps shy of 4 rounds. It was mainly due to my hands getting slippery at that point and I didn’t have time (or didn’t make time) to chalk my hands. I bit disappointed, but I should still be proud of doing quite well on the shoulder to overhead considering the weight. I will keep this as a reminder that I can still push my limits a bit further and improve.


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