Boracay Body Part 18: Schooled

Warm up
Star run (approx 400m)
Hoover ball game
– player 1 does wall ball and gets out of the way
– player 2 catches and does wall ball and gets out of the way
– repeat. if any player fails to catch or throw properly 1 point
– first player to get 3 points gets 5 burpee penalty

30 minutes free period (ring dips and muscle up progression)
Toes To Bar

3 rounds
1 minute each
Push Jerk 40kgs
Toes To Bar
Row for distance

It was like going to school yesterday at the gym. Do a bit of running, play some hoover ball and then free period where you can do anything. I decided to work on my ring dips as I can’t seem to graduate from the red bands during WODs. Tom had to smack me in the head (just kidding) telling me that if I could do 10 dips in one go then the only way for me to improve is throw away the band and screw score or time. It was a good reminder to improve my strength and endurance first rather than putting emphasis on my score/times. I worked on a few muscle up techniques as well during this time.

We then moved to kipping practice, which I definitely need. I think I managed to incorporate some of the kipping toes to bar during the WOD a few times. Overall it was a good session that didn’t destroy me for the upcoming Crossfit Games Open WOD.

After that, some wonderful grilled salmon with carrot and fennel salad…oh yeah.


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