Ending The Day Right

Like most normal working class people, Monday is my least favorite day of the week.  Today started out okay enough, and then went downhill.  By afternoon I was starting to get the nagging question of “Should I workout today?”.  I told myself that it would likely remove the haziness carried over from the weekend and that I always felt good afterwards.  So to the gym I went and I was not disappointed.

Strength:  5×5 Front Squats (30kgs)

WOD:  “Fran”
Thrusters (15kg)
Pull Ups (green bands)

The official WOD today actually consisted of box jumps, push ups and wall balls.  However, I missed both Fran and Cindy last week for the final week of Ronin’s Live the Code Challenge so I asked if I could do Fran instead.

When I did it last I had 15kgs and a green band.  Before I starting I tried out the 20kgs and for some reason felt a twinge on my left knee.   I stretched and moved around trying to make it go away, but when it wouldn’t, I decided I would use the same weight as the last time, with a resolution to shave off more than a minute compared to my last time of 6:47.

I finished at 5:04 — more than a minute faster! PR! Definitely happy with that though this means that I really need to make sure I’m getting stronger so that I can RX the Thruster weights (25kgs).

So for this week, I have Cindy left and 12.3 !

Which brings me to a recap of last week (I’ve been bad, not blogging about it).

As I mentioned, it was final “re-test” week for the Live the Code Challenge and we did Crossfit Total on Tuesday.  My 1RMs were:

Crossfit Total

Back Squat: 67.5 kgs (2.5 kgs heavier than my last — PR!!)
Press:  25 kgs (5 kgs lighter than my last)
Deadlift:  70 kgs (5 kgs lighter than my last)

As you can see, it seemed as if I was taking a step backwards.  Not quite sure why, but the weights certainly felt much heavier on that day.  I suppose it was one of those days, I’m sure everyone has one.

As for 12.2, as Allan had mentioned, we signed up for the Open, just to see how we rank among other crossfitters.  The second workout was a 10-minute Snatch Ladder:

30 reps at 20kgs
30 reps at 35kgs
30 reps at 45kgs
max snatches at 55kgs

Scaling is not allowed so these had to be done RX.  The idea is to do as much of the reps for the weight you can possibly snatch.  I knew I could do the 20kg, but then my 1RM is a 25 so what to do for 35kgs?  Attempt is the answer.

I made sure I didn’t go too fast on the first 30 reps as I wanted to make sure I was breathing right and recovering to attempt the 35kgs.  On my first two attempts they were too low.  After shaking it out a bit I tried to be as tight as I could be and as explosive as I could — and then the bar went higher!  But I think I didn’t squat low enough to catch it, or the external rotation that I was reading about just didn’t happen.  I gave it another 3 attempts, each time reaching about eye level, but it was never a full snatch.

I came so close!  I certainly went home a bit frustrated, even now as I write this I recall how close I came to getting at least one.  Snatch.  Soon.


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