In the spirit of the games

Games WOD 2
10 Minute AMRAP
30 Snatches 35Kg
30 Snatches 60Kg
30 Snatches 75kg
Max rep Snatches 95kg

Coming into this I have never attempted 60Kgs, so I knew getting there was the goal. I was quite sure I could do the first 30, the question was could I snatch 60kgs. My body weight is around 65kgs so I am already at a disadvantage here. The result? 30 snatches at 35kgs and quite a number of attempts on the 60kgs. I managed to get it up at nose level consistently but couldn’t quite get the rep completed. It probably was a lack of both strength and technique.

I was a bit disappointed since all I need was that small push/pull and I could have made at least one rep. I couldn’t beat myself up too much though as it was a solid attempt on my end. In the end I just had to go crazy in the kitchen…

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