Boracay Body Part 17: I Am Usain Bolt

Warm Up
Hip Mobility

Deadlift 3-3-3 (maxed 95kgs)

POSE running techniques

10 x 100m sprints

I was hoping (and dreading) to do the Crossfit Games 2012 Open WOD today, but (un)fortunately it was scheduled for tomorrow. So today it was getting down some technique work on the deadlift and POSE running for the WOD.

I managed to do 95kgs easily on the deadlift with different coaching cues from Tom. It was a bit of fresh air from the different cues I get from Andrew or Kat (whose classes I’ve frequented recently). I might switch up my schedule a bit so I can try different coaches once in a while.

Off to the WOD which was quite a number of running. Luckily it was only 100m, and unluckily it was all out sprints. No matter, as I managed to be quite consistent in my times. Perhaps it was the POSE running drills that helped. Will this be the beginning of me liking running? Maybe.

A few of us went on to Kirsty’s for some Paleo/Zone party and it was good just to catch up and talk about food, recipes and what not. I’m quite looking forward to some of the recipes being posted, I’ll give them a go and share them here as well.


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