A different sort of training

I was quite ready to head out to the gym yesterday when a colleague of mine asked if I wanted to join them to the pub across the street for a few drinks. Normally, I would have told them that I had plans and take a rain check. But apparently, it was a co-worker’s birthday and he looked like he needed some company and a few rounds. I like that guy so I couldn’t, in good conscience, say no.

So off we went to do AMRAP of beer chugging. Unfortunately I was with a big Aussie and an Irishwoman so it was a losing battle for me. I still have a bit of a headache as I type this.

We had good craic though and would probably go for another session after a months time. Weirdly enough, we all decided to take a no booze April pact in the middle of our drinking session.

Feeling Adventurous

First off, Count Up Day 4:  I received news that it probably won’t be until May before I can apply for the visa, so I guess that means this might be just as long as the last time.  I might end up not doing count ups everyday…maybe a weekly round up will do?

Now on to the workout:

Strength:  Strict Pulls Ups on the minute, every minute for 10 minutes — Find a rep that you can sustain

5 Rounds for Time of —
10 Power Snatches (20 kgs)
10 Toes to Bar (Knees Up for me)

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Boracay Body Part 22: Turks

Warm Up
Turkish Get-up technique

Squat Clean max 70kg

15 minute AMRAP
400m run
14 Turkish get-up 12kgs
9 Toes to bar

Cleans are probably my favorite lifts and I was glad that it was up on the board today. I just checked my notes and my 1RM for squat cleans is currently at 75kgs, and I managed to do 70kgs multiple times today even with a small ankle issue. Things are looking up!

I was also looking forward to actually doing turkish get-ups in a WOD. It is quite a technical move and I enjoy stuff like that. I tried doing 16Kgs before the workout started but deemed it too heavy. I knew I was going to have problems with the run so I decided to go 12kgs which wasn’t too bad. I was able to bang the 9 toes to bar in one go and at a good pace too. But in the end I only managed 2 rounds even, a run and a few get-ups behind the average.

Deja Vu (or Counting Up Again, Day 3)

I’ve been here before.

Three years plus later, I am on the verge of another move.  Who knew when I embarked on this that I would live the life of a “nomad”?  I am excited — I’m getting that feeling again, that thankful “We’re finally starting this!” emotion that I had once and then lost for various reasons I can try and recall but would rather not.

Time to make this count up work, after all, this might be shorter than the previous 80 days.

A Few Fleeting Seconds

I didn’t realize that I haven’t posted about my workouts for about two weeks now….it might be a little too late to cover the other WODs I’ve done so I’ll stick to today’s WOD plus some other news about me.

Strength:  Max rep Handstand Push Ups (or scale versions as appropriate)


3 Rounds for Time —

10 Clean and Jerk (30 kgs)

15 Burpees

I have quite a few moves that really “challenge” me when it comes to Crossfit — pull ups being the main one and handstand push ups another.  So knowing that today was handstand push ups meant I had to plan ahead.

I can’t do handstand push ups.

I can hold a handstand for a few seconds when against a wall.

I can’t kick up to a handstand without assistance.

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