Boracay Body Part 16: Run DMC

Snatch Progression (up to 35kgs)

20 minute AMRAP
20 Double Unders
15 Ring dips
15 Toes to bar
Star Run (approx. 400m)

I was wondering why the door to the gym was open when I got there. It was still relatively cold in London and it would normally be closed to keep the folks from freezing. I saw the WOD and we had running, and I hate running.

But before that we did a few snatch progression skills. I decided to stick to a bit lighter weight as the snatch is quite technical and it has been a while since we done snatching. I should say I was pretty happy with my technique and would probably go up in weight next time around.

So back to the WOD, my take: I managed to string a few double unders together, I still have to do ring dips with the red band on WODs, toes to bar were ok, I hate running, I managed to be the first to do finish a round but I was only able to finish 3 rounds + 7 toes to bar. I think the run let me down a bit.


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