It is not that easy

So after being out for nearly a week I am back to the gym, and what is the WOD? Well only a Crossfit Games Open Qualifier WOD. 7 minute AMRAP? Easy. Only one movement? Easy. Burpees? Still easy.

Or so you think.

I may have had a game plan on taking it relatively easy on the first few minutes, but that went out the window from the word Go. I wasn’t going too fast, but it was too fast to maintain for 7 minutes. I got some good cheering from Steve, Kat, Alex, Christian, Shawn(?), and Maxim and Janis both of whom I didn’t realize had entered the room. I was out on the floor for a good few minutes trying not to die and recover from it. It was all good as I managed to beat my goal of 77 which came from a similar WOD a while back. Socs did ok as well with 68 reps.

It is official, we are in the Games! Well just the qualifiers 🙂

I’m not kidding myself in getting up the leaderboard though. I mean c’mon a little Filipino, against the fighting Irish, Vikings and Romans? No chance there mate, but I will give it one a hell of a go!


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