Bad News, Good News

I wasn’t feeling well at the beginning of the week so I took a couple of days off of work and working out. I was quite gutted as we were supposed to do Fran and I was actually looking forward to participate on the Crossfit Games Open (although unofficially). That and my weight is now back up to 65kgs, I feared that this is another step backwards for me.

So what’s a guy to do? Cook! As I am taking part in the Crossfit London UK Lent Challenge I decided to kick start the whole paleo thing with 2 dishes. Grilled spiced chicken with asparagus and broccoli and sinigang na salon sa miso (aka Salmon in Tamarind soup with miso).

I am still having problems getting the right amount of good food during lunch time so I am looking at bringing my own lunch and snacks to work. I am now looking at my grocery list for all the paleo goodness I will be cooking for next week’s meals and I am quite looking forward to it!


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