Two Weeks Left…

I have two weeks left for Ronin’s Live the Code challenge (this week plus next) and they’re asking how I’ve been keeping up…to be honest, its not as good as it should be.  My training happens 3x a week at best, at one point a week went by without a workout.  My diet was okay on the first week, but after that it went it downhill and the food logs have completely vanished as well.

I knew coming in that I would find it difficult as it started at a particularly challenging time at work…yes, that’s my excuse.  However, I did tell myself that my goals are “simple” enough that I should be able to reach them at the end of week 6.  Today’s WOD should give me an idea of how I’m doing, as it’s very similar to Fran.


5×1 Front Squats (I did this as a “weight progression” instead – 30kgs / 35kgs / 40kgs / 45kgs / 50kgs / 50kgs)


3 Rounds for time —

15 thrusters (20kgs)

15 pull ups (blue + red bands)

I felt really tired even at the beginning of the strength session for some reason, and that had me worried.  Also, I knew that thrusters were coming up, so I was wary about going heavy on the Front Squat.  I opted to do a progression of the weight instead, as I couldn’t quite recall what my previous weights were.  When I reached 50kgs, I felt I could probably max out at 3 reps — but I stuck with the 1 rep per set.

Then on to the WOD — part of my goal is to move away from the green band and on to the blue.  I had managed to do this on the previous workout, but it had much less reps than this.  On the first round, I managed 5 on the blue band and then realized I couldn’t sustain it, so I had to supplement with the red band.  Now, does blue + red = green ?  I don’t know.  I do know that I need to work on my pull ups …STILL!

Did 9:05 with a bit of a sore forearm (Jody’s right, I must’ve made a mistake on the grip) and a big question mark on whether or not I can manage that Fran with blue bands!


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