Boracay Body Part 15: Son of Ronin

As I am in Dublin for the weekend, I managed to squeeze in a WOD with the folks from Ronin Crossfit. The effort for the sessions was:

5×3 Press (M:40Kgs, W:22.5Kgs)

3 rounds
10 Wall balls
10 Hand stand push up (M:2 abmats, W:Box)
5 Toes to bar (W:knee ups)

I managed to finish in 6:26 and Socs in 5:06. I was a little shattered on the hand stand push ups as I couldn’t quite balance myself long enough to do a solid push up so my time suffered a bit. Wall balls and toes to bar were actually quite easy on this one. We ended the session with some mobility work and Socs particularly seeing the effect on her shoulder flexibility. Overall a great workout with my new Irish Crossfit friends.

We are planning to cheer on Larry who is competing on the Crossfit Ireland Invitational 9 tomorrow! Go on son!


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