(Sort of) Boracay Body Part 13: Highs and Lows

I’m not really counting up my workouts leading to our Boracay vacation, however Allan is, and this post combines our workouts today, so might as well.

After a week+ of missing workouts, I came back today so as not to let all the previous hard work for the “Live the Code” challenge go to waste.  I was admittedly not my best self today, but I came and I did the work, so that’s still a good thing.

Socs’ Workout:

Warm Up:  5mins jump rope, leg swings, bootstrappers, rollovers, walking lunges, “Shark Attack”, bootstrappers, rollovers, wall squats

Strength: 5×3 back squats (40kgs)

WOD: 3 Rounds for Time —

20 wall balls
40 double unders (120 singles)
10 chest to bar (green bands for me)

I deliberated whether I should go 45-50kg on the back squats, however, realizing that it was quite a high rep plus the fact that I was out of it meant I had to be realistic.  This turned out to be a good thing as my right knee somehow felt off at one point.  I think I’ve stopped squatting for too long my legs are no longer used to the dynamics of it.

The WOD was another tough one, and it tends to be whenever wall balls are involved.  I was aiming for higher throws this time, but I think those threw me off as I was finding it hard to catch the ball properly.  I felt like my coordination was off and I struggled with the 20 per round.  Rope work was okay, it was a lot, but I managed, and the chest to bar was bearable, given that I was on the green band.  Maybe it’s time to move back to the blue?

Allan’s Workout:
3 rounds
15sec Samson stretch each side
10 OHS
10ish Pull ups

1-1-1-1-1 Squat Clean (max 75kgs)

12minute AMRAP
15 Tuck jumps
20 KB swings (24kgs)
15 Ring dips

No pole dancing today for our warm-up, all is well though because I got myself a new 1RM! I knew I could squat clean 60kgs easy and maybe 70kgs so Jeff (my new workout buddy) went for it right off the bat. We managed to do the 70kgs ‘easily’ so we decided to see where we can go. He maxed out at 75kgs and I was keen on getting the 80kgs down, unfortunately either my technique was off or I was too tired or was just over thinking things so I ended up on dumping the 80kgs. At least now I know that is my next goal and I am pretty sure I can nail it next time.

The WOD was a good one even though people only managed around 4-5 rounds (I got 4 rounds and 1 swing). I went straight to the 24kgs kettle bells and did it American style (bell above the head) all the way…. Kat would be proud 🙂 I managed to split the reps in 5-10 reps so I was really pushing myself. Feels great considering I almost missed the class due to disruptions on the tube.

Shout out to the Crossfit London UK Team for a solid performance on the recent London Throwdown, you guys are inspirational!


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