Boracay Body Part 12: Die Cookie Monster Die

2 rounds
1 minute lunges
1 minute push ups
1 minute med-ball cleans
1 minute hanging basket

Squat Clean and Jerk 2-2-2-2-2 (60kgs)
Throughout session do:
50 Knees to elbows
50 GHD back extensions

25 Double under attempts
Snatch (35kgs)
50 Double under attempts

I was having a bad day at work today so I had 4 cookies. Unfortunately I paid the price for it during the class. A friend of mine commented on why I was ‘dieting’ given that I look healthy enough and do Crossfit. My response: Boracay Body. But it’s not just getting that dream body, but also feeling and being healthier. In any case, I wasn’t feeling it today and I finished last on the class. It wasn’t even that… my double unders where nowhere to be found (I was able to string maybe 6 in one go once, everything else where 1s or 2s), my snatches need a lot to be desired and my pull ups weren’t really spectacular or anything. I decided to do 50 double under attempts for my own sake rather than anything (even though 25 was the prescribed for attempts and 50 for actual double unders)


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